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Governor signs bill to Boost Lithium Development at Salton Sea

The Salton Sea, epicenter of the largest and most diverse portfolio of renewable energy opportunities in North America, gained support from the state of California to boost lithium extraction from geothermal brines found in vast quantities at the Salton Sea…

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First Congressional Hearing for Sea Since 1997: SSA Directors Unite in Call for Stronger Federal Partnership


Federal legislators advance Salton Sea Authority Agenda


SSA Secures State Funding, expands Federal Support
California’s state budget includes $47 million to help the Salton Sea.



The Salton Sea Authority, in partnership with the Torres Martinez Tribe, has delivered the first state-funded project ever completed at the Salton Sea — a wetlands on tribal land. Like other recent SSA projects delivered under contract with the state, this project was completed on time and under budget. The wetlands will provide valuable habitat and dust control to Salton Sea playa on Torres Martinez land.

More important for future progress at the Sea, this project demonstrates a successful model for efficient and effective implementation of projects at the Sea.

SSA delivers progress on real plans and projects

Legislation and Grants

The latest legislation and grants to impact the Salton Sea
Proposition 1 Water Bond
$80.5 million allocated in the Governor’s budget for the Salton Sea.
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Natural Resources Conservation Service
Regional Conservation Partnership Program – $7.5 million Salton Sea Agricultural Wetlands Habitat Program allocated to the Salton Sea Authority.
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California Wildlife Conservation Board
$14 million grant for Salton Sea wetland habitat restoration.
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Water Resources Development Act
$30 M authorized for Army Corps of Engineers to work at Salton Sea with SSA designated as the preferred non-federal partner.
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From sunrises to sunsets, from the North Shore to the Desert Shores, feast your eyes on images from the Salton Sea.

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