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Salton Sea gets Boost to Tap Vast Lithium Supplies

10/02/20 |  NR- Governor signs bill to boost lithium development at Salton Sea

First Congressional Hearing for Sea Since 1997: SSA Directors Unite in Call for Stronger Federal Partnership

09/25/20 | Testimonies Submitted to September 24, 2020 Salton Sea Hearing    

Salton Sea’s death spiral sparks pleas for Congress to help

09/25/20 | California officials pressed Congress yesterday to step up federal efforts to address the rapidly growing public health crisis at the Salton Sea.  

Federal legislators advance Salton Sea Authority Agenda

07/30/20 | House passes two bills with new directives for Army Corps and Bureau of Reclamation. This week, the US House of Representatives advanced two pieces of legislation to mobilize federal action at the Salton Sea.  

State Budget includes $47 million for the Salton Sea

07/28/20 | California’s state budget includes $47 million to help the Salton Sea. The new budget was signed by Governor Newsom last month. The ongoing crisis at the Salton Sea has created environmental and human health concerns that have been discussed for decades. “Already we have the largest rate of pediatric asthma hospitalization in the entire … Continued

Governor signs budget with major funding for Salton Sea recovery

06/29/20 | Governor signs budget with more than $47 Million for Salton Sea projects. Salton Sea funds to launch long-awaited recovery.   The Salton Sea, suffering decades of environmental degradation and economic decline, received a major boost of hope for recovery today with the Governor’s signature on the state budget.

Secretive ‘harbor master’ steers Colorado River campaign

04/18/19 | For six years, a coordinated campaign has fought to save the Colorado River, influencing policy decisions …

Colorado River’s biggest champion – Walmart heirs

04/17/19 | An unlikely advocate seems to be around every bend of the Colorado River these days: …

Audit finds SSA tops in fiscal integrity

4/2/19 | The Salton Sea Authority is operating at the highest professional standard of fiscal integrity and public accountability, according to …

Colorado River: States reach drought pact as largest user protests

3/20/19 | The Colorado River’s seven states yesterday inked agreements for managing the river in the face of climate change and increasing droughts.