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First Congressional Hearing for Sea Since 1997: SSA Directors Unite in Call for Stronger Federal Partnership

09/25/20 | Testimonies Submitted to September 24, 2020 Salton Sea Hearing    

California agencies at odds over Colorado River drought plan

03/12/19 | “The way to arrive at a resilient and durable drought contingency plan is for the parties to work through the Salton Sea issue, not around it,” …

Averting Catastrophe, Seizing Opportunity

03/04/19 |  Municipal Water Leader interview with Phil Rosentrater, GM/Executive Director of Salton Sea Authority.

Feds will include Salton Sea in Drought Plan, IID says

03/01/2019 | There may be hope for finalizing a sweeping Colorado River drought contingency plan…

We can plan for a ‘leaner’ Colorado River as we save the Salton Sea

03/01/19 | Over the past five years, the seven Colorado River Basin states have been working to develop a series of drought contingency plans (DCPs) to safeguard..

New Deadline for Drought Contingency Plan Approaching

03/01/19 | “It appeared Arizona came up with a solution in time, although it wasn’t what the federal government expected.”

As Arizona nears completion of Colorado River plan…

03/01/19 | …deal remains unfinished in California

MWD’s Colorado River offer hurts Salton Sea hopes

02/28/2019 | “L.A.’s Metropolitan Water District just made a move to take the Imperial Irrigation District completely out of the game.”

Feinstein: Implement Farm Bill’s Drought Provisions to Protect Salton Sea

02/01/19 | Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) called on the Trump administration to quickly implement new drought provisions she secured in the Farm Bill to protect the Salton Sea, which is rapidly shrinking due to reduced inflows.

Historic MOU signing ceremony at Salton Sea

12/21/18 | Representatives from Riverside County and Imperial County gathered at Travertine Point to sign an historic Salton Sea MOU.