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SSA Bid Package – Solar Panel NIB 16-02

12/1/2016 | Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Wetland Solar Energy Installation Project. Notice inviting bid.

Solving the Salton Sea Crisis

10/13/2016 | “As California’s largest lake has rapidly receded over the last several years, it has begun to grab national headlines…”

Design-Build Authority to Drive Efficient Momentum for Salton Sea Recovery

9/16/2016 | “SB 839 authorizes the Department of Water Resources to use design-build procurement for projects at the Salton Sea.”

Sen. Barbara Boxer on the ailing Salton Sea: ‘This is a crisis waiting to happen’

9/1/2016 | “Sen. Barbara Boxer on Thursday visited the Salton Sea and tried to put pressure on state and federal agencies to use more of their resources on saving it.”

Desert Sun – Obama: White House Support for Salton Sea

9/1/2016 | “Obama at Lake Tahoe: White House pledges support for Salton Sea, geothermal energy.”

Press Enterprise – Obama announces Salton Sea Initiatives

8/31/2016 | “The Obama administration unveiled initiatives to help restore the Salton Sea and improve the region’s climate resilience, economy and public health…”

Interior Department and State of California Announce Support for the Salton Sea

8/31/2016 | “Assistance will improve air and water quality and fish and wildlife habitat.”

LA Times – State is years behind on projects to protect wildlife at Salton Sea

8/11/2016 | “The Salton Sea is in big trouble and plodding state officials are to blame, local authorities and environmentalists say.”