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Historic MOU signing ceremony at Salton Sea

12/21/18 | Representatives from Riverside County and Imperial County gathered at Travertine Point to sign an historic Salton Sea MOU.

New state income tax refund option to help Salton Sea

3/6/2017 | “Californians filing their income taxes may now enjoy a wonderful opportunity to help revive the Salton Sea ….”  

Bid Results: Solar Energy Installation Project

2/8/2017 | “The Salton Sea Authority (the Authority) thanks the bidders for participating in this process.”  

Lowest Paddle Race in the World

2/3/2017 | SEAthletes is hosting the second annual North Shore Xtreme (NSX) Saturday, February 11, 2017 at the Salton Sea State Recreation Area.

Salton Sea Archives: CSUSB’s WRI part of ‘Digitizing Southern California Water Resources’ Initiative

1/18/2017 | “Cal State San Bernardino’s Water Resources Institute is a part of a multi-institutional initiative, led by Pomona College, that has been awarded a $333,574 grant for the project “Digitizing Southern California Water Resources,” which will digitize, preserve, and archive primary source materials on California water history.”

SSA Bid Package Supplement – Solar Panel NIB 16-02

1/2017 | “In order to provide a fair comparison of bids, the Salton Sea Authority is requesting additional information about your bid.”

SSA-TM Solar Panel NIB 16-02 Q&A no. 2

1/2017 | Notice Inviting Bid 16-02 Second Response to Questions

SSA-TM Solar Panel NIB 16-02 Q&A

1/2017 | Notice Inviting Bid 16-02 Response to Questions

SSA-TM Solar Panel NIB 16-02 Cover Letter showing extended deadline dates

12/30/2016 | Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Wetland Pond Rehabilitation Program Notice Inviting Bid 16-02. Extension.

New Year Extends Season of Giving for Salton Sea

Dec. 19, 2016 | “Californians can extend the Season of Giving into the New Year with a new financial tool to help revive the Salton Sea.”